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The Internet Maze

The Internet is a world wide maze of interconnected computers with millions of public, private, education,
business and goverment networks filled with every kind of data; which likely includes your personal information.

How to Find Your Personal Information Online

At you'll find dozens of search engines covering every subject, from general searches to specific topics like social networking, books, published and out of print, patents and trademarks, and everything in between. If you find and uncover any personal information you have options: you can request removal, leave as is, or ask to update your listings to correct any inaccuracies.

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This site was designed with you in mind. That is to help protect your personal privacy with tools to search every inch of the Internet, and articles that will help you remove those unwanted listings that may have been published without your knowledge or permission. Once you've found those listings, you have several options. If you don't mind that your information is online for the world to see, you can do nothing. If you've found misinformation or inaccuracies, you can request corrections, or you can request complete removal. Our goal is to help you find your personal information and suggest ways to have those listings deleted if you so desire.


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About Us was conceived and developed by Howard Berenbon. He is an electrical engineer (BSEE) and graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and the author of several Basic language computer books used in early computer education published by Howard W. Sams in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is also the publisher of Cyber News & Reviews ( specializing in software and hardware reviews on the latest and greatest technology. His favorite latest technology is Apple's iPad Air. He may be contacted at


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