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The Internet Maze

The Internet is a world wide maze of interconnected computers with millions of public, private, education,
business and goverment networks filled with every kind of data; which likely includes your personal information.

How to Find Your Personal Information Online, Protect Your Reputation

At you'll find dozens of search engines covering every subject, from general searches to specific topics like social networking, books, published and out of print, patents and trademarks, and everything in between. If you find and uncover any personal information you have options: you can request removal, leave as is, or ask to update your listings to correct any inaccuracies.

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Your Online Visibility

You may or may not know this, but if you've been working or playing online, either recently, or ever since the introduction of the Internet, it's highly likely that some of your personal information is accessible for anyone to see and copy. If you are concerned about your privacy, finding your personal information (name, address & more) listed on Websites and within databases all over the Internet may be alarming. For that reason, and more, companies are popping up to help people remove or modify their unwanted online listings visible to the world, but for a price. The paid services also offer to help businesses correct misinformation and remove unwanted links from unrelated sites. Links with low ranking and unrelated to the site's theme can potentially damage the site's search engine positioning. Businesses can benefit from these paid services, especially if their site has lost its positioning.

Our goal is to help you find your personal, private and public information listings online right at and offer advice and articles on how to get those listings removed, if desired. Right at our site you will be able to search dozens of databases (not just Google) either by name, address, phone number, e-mail address, industry or a combination of terms to find out where you're listed. You may find hundreds of listings, or just a few. But if you don't want that information available to the world, your current or future employer, strangers or potential criminals, you will know where they appear and you have a right to request their removal. It won't cost you anything but your time.

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Why would you want to search for your presence on the Internet? One reason is to protect your privacy. If you're an author, or create and own intellectual property, you may be vulnerable to copyright infringement for your works, and could find out if someone is using it or selling your work without permission. You'll never know if you don't periodically check. As an example, several years ago I developed a series of sports entertainment programs on disk sold exclusively through my own Website. I was searching eBay to check my competition and by accident I was shocked to find my software for sale, but no one had permission to resell my software. It turns out that one of my customers had copied the software and had been selling on eBay for almost a year without my knowledge. This was a clear case of copyright infringement, so I contacted and they immediately removed all his listings. At the same time I contacted the infringer and requested payment for all his sales through eBay, and he did eventually comply but not until after I said I would be contacting his local police if he didn't respond within a week. It was very disturbing to find someone stealing my work.

So, if you choose to be anonymous on the Internet, or try to be, or you want to make sure your information online is accurate, or you just want to find and remove it, then you'll need to spend some time online. It's like you're a human anti-virus program determined to find and destroy unwanted data. So, go now to our "search the Internet page" and start looking! It's free to look and you may be surprised what you find. Then you can take actions to protect yourself (see our "articles page" on what to do).

What Can You Do with the Data Found?

It depends on what you're searching for and what database you're using. Of course you may use Google for much of your invesitgating, but for more specifics, maybe business information, other databases would be first. Here's a short list of recommended searches using specifc search engines.

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