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The Internet Maze

The Internet is a world wide maze of interconnected computers with millions of public, private, education,
business and goverment networks filled with every kind of data; which likely includes your personal information.

How to Find Your Personal Information Online

At you'll find dozens of search engines covering every subject, from general searches to specific topics like social networking, books, published and out of print, patents and trademarks, and everything in between. If you find and uncover any personal information you have options: you can request removal, leave as is, or ask to update your listings to correct any inaccuracies.

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We'd like to hear from you with any feedback or even questions regarding your efforts in finding and deleting your unwanted information online and we may even list your response if you would allow that. Also, if you'd like to suggest a site, enter the URL in the form and we'll check it out.

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